Tenure: 6 months
Job description
  • Assist in executing and curating laboratory and on-field trials related to commodity post-harvest storage protocols and its shelf-life extension.
  • Handling and carrying out routine laboratory activities
  • Participating and contributing to periodic PHM R&D discussions  
  • Documentation of research findings and drafting research and review publications
  • Compiling literature reviews and elementary market research on latest PHM research areas
Eligibility and skills
  •  M.Sc./Ph.D. in Postharvest Management/ Food Science/ Horticulture
  • 1 to 3 year of academic research experience with proven record of publications in peer reviewed journals
  • Strong knowledge of post-harvest management principles and thorough understanding of biochemical and signaling pathways of commodity respiration, ethylene release and microbial induced spoilage 
  •  Candidates with prior research experience in premium research institutes would be preferred. 
  • Research experience/knowledge on bioinformatics tools would be advantage
  • Desired skills: Excellent documentation knowledge, good interpersonal skills and interest to learn and contribute to cross functional subjects