Skills Requirement for Ecofrost Service Engineer Position:

A. Strong understanding of refrigeration components such as Compressor, Condenser, Expansion valve, and Evaporators.

B. Proficiency in Copper Brazing, Flaring, and Swaging processes.

C. Knowledgeable in Pressure testing, Vacuuming, and Gas Charging Processes for Refrigeration systems.

D. Skilled in Electrical processes including Voltage and Current checking using Clamp & Multimeters.

E. Experience in installing, repairing, and maintaining cold storage systems with minimal downtime.

F. Ability to observe and test newly installed systems.

G. Excellent troubleshooting skills for Refrigeration, Electronics, and Electrical equipment failures.


a. Install and operate machinery at test sites to ensure functionality and safety.

b. Conduct routine inspections to identify any issues with machines and equipment.

c. Clean, replace, and repair cold storage equipment or parts as necessary.

d. Diagnose and rectify faults during periodic inspections to minimize disruptions.

e. Resolve issues promptly at the work site, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Education and Certification:

High school diploma or equivalent (GED).

ITI or diploma in a relevant field.

Previous experience as a refrigeration technician or engineer, with a preference for candidates who have worked on cold storage system service activities.

RAC certification.

The candidate possesses a strong background in refrigeration and HVAC systems, coupled with hands-on experience and a dedication to delivering high-quality service. 

We believe they would be an asset to the Ecofrost team.