Ecozen is a technology company, and through our solutions, we are building a smart and sustainable future. We believe technology and innovations have the power to bring change and we look to harness this power to build solutions that deliver impact to our customers, our people and our planet. 

Our products have revolutionized the irrigation and cold chain industries, with path-breaking innovations in predictive analytics, motor controls, energy storage, AI & IoT modules and food tech. Our technological innovations are now set to disrupt the EV, financial services and asset management industries as well.

We bring these innovations to market fast. How are we so fast? We actively collaborate and trust each other. We listen to our customers and learn fast and unlearn even faster. We predict (create) the future. And most importantly we empower our people with the ability to decide. 

Job description:

• Design packaging and components to monitor and control airflow, coolant and refrigerant flow, and thermal actuator positioning while considering efficiency, cost, manufacturability, and serviceability.

• Mechanical design of components and assemblies using plastics, sheet metal, structural metals, insulation systems, sealing methods, fluid connectors, fasteners, busbars, and other materials, as well as hands-on prototype

• Providing CAE and CFD support through the building of state of art FE and CFD models to the finest details.

• Develop and apply advanced methodologies with smart analysis techniques to drive innovation into products.

• Conduct optimization studies by utilizing optimization tools, including DOE/ DFSS techniques on components, assemblies, or vehicle designs to meet performance requirements with the constraints of mass and cost.

• Validate product conformance to requirements by developing and executing component and subsystem design validation plans and test procedures.

• Create high-quality drawing packages and manufacturing instructions for parts and assemblies

• Collaborate with thermal, systems, electrical, supply chain, manufacturing, service/deployment teams, and reliability teams to take designs from prototype through mass production

• Initiate and participate in Design FMEA.

• Assist in engineering prototype builds and component fabrication

• Root cause and solve test failures and production problems

• Develop vendor network and capacity for prototype development.

Innovative in the processes used for execution in order to enable reduction of man-hours efforts required to execute a particular task as well as reduce mistakes in the simulation by way of the use of automation tools and overall leading to an increase in productivity.


• Good relevant experience working in a Thermal Systems Engineering and Design Engineering environment

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills


• Analytical and problem-solving skills

• Effective team player with strong interpersonal skills

• Strong engineering fundamentals in heat transfer, mechanics, and fluids

• Expert Knowledge of test designs, test sets, and data analysis.

• A detail-oriented personality with solid documentation and reporting skills

• Ability to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment.